A prescription cream used to treat and prevent skin cancer in humans has killed numerous dogs according to the Food and Drug Administration. One of our own patients recently passed away from ingesting it, so we’d like to warn you about the dangers this medication poses to your pets.

The cream is called fluorouracil, and it is sold under the brand names Carac, Effudex and Fluoroplex.

While some other topical medications are dangerous because they can transfer from an owner’s skin to their pet’s skin or fur, fluorouracil tastes good to pets, so they are attracted to the tubes as well.

To prevent your pet from ingesting toxic substances like this one, keep all medications and applicators out of your pet’s reach at all times.

Learn more about the dangers these topical creams pose to our pets. If you ever suspect your pet has ingested fluorouracil, call Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital today.