Cancer Treatment

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Veterinary oncology provides many options for pet patients that are diagnosed with cancer. Some malignant tumors respond well to chemotherapy, while others need surgery to be removed. Some require both.

When creating a course of treatment, we consider the well-being of your pet and make sure the recommendations work for you, too. Most pet owners equate veterinary chemotherapy to what is experienced in human chemotherapy. While many of the drugs we use are the same as those used on humans, pets do not experience all the same terrible side effects that humans do. Dogs do experience some nausea, but not the psychological nausea that human counterparts get just thinking about a round of chemo. Pets don’t experience hair loss, either, and while their activity level can diminish from chemotherapy and other cancer treatments, it is not drastically diminished like it is in people.

At Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital, we ensure that all cancer patients receive the most up-to-date and personalized treatments based on their particular case and what they need.

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