Vaccinations are the best defense against many viral and bacterial infections, as they prevent deadly diseases like canine parvovirus and rabies. However, over-vaccinating pets is an issue in the veterinary industry, and at Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital, we strongly believe that pets should not be over-vaccinated. We rely on titers, a simple blood test, to determine if a pet’s immunity needs boosting with additional vaccines. In Orange County, the only mandatory vaccine is the rabies vaccine for dogs, which must be given every three years after the initial vaccinations at 4 months and one year. For all other vaccines, we can rely on titers to tell us when your pet actually needs a booster.

We also use non-adjuvanted rabies and feline leukemia vaccines for our feline patients, which reduces the risk of sarcomas (cancerous tumors).

Keep your family member safe by scheduling their vaccinations or titers at Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital today.