Keep track of your pet.

Roughly 1 in 3 pets become lost at some point in their lives. Microchip implants help those lost pets become found. Microchips are an incredibly simple, inexpensive and effective way to keep track of your pets and keep them out of Dana Point animal shelters. Every year, nearly 8 million animals enter shelters in the United States. By supporting microchipping, Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital hopes to lower this number.

A simple process

Microchips are contained in tiny, biocompatible capsules. The device is nontoxic, hypoallergenic and completely safe. During a quick and easy procedure, a veterinarian or veterinary technician places the transponder just under the skin where a special biopolymer keeps the device in place.

The device transmits radio waves with an animal-specific tracking number that, when connected to the central database, displays the pet’s name and owner’s contact information. Should your pet run away or get lost, a simple scan of the chip will allow the proper authorities to determine your identity, contact you and return your pet.

Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital believes microchipping is the safest, most effective method of pet recovery and identification available.

To learn more about the benefits of pet microchips or to schedule an appointment to have your pet microchipped, please contact Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital.