CT machines are important diagnostic tools in veterinary medicine. These machines create three-dimensional images of pets’ bones, tissues and organs, allowing veterinarians to locate abnormalities and health issues.

With CT scans, Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital can diagnose a whole host of ailments, including:

  • Problems with the kidneys, liver, lungs, intestines, pancreas and adrenal glands
  • Heart disease
  • Bone trauma, like fractures
  • Problems with blood vessels
  • Abnormal brain tissues
  • Tumors
  • Infections
  • Blood clots
  • Internal bleeding

We have a Vimago High Definition Veterinary CT Scanner at Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital. This machine uses significantly less radiation than traditional CT machines, so it’s safer for pets and for our veterinary staff. This machine also produces images with much higher resolutions than traditional machines can create. With the highly detailed, three-dimensional images that the Vimago produces, and with a board-certified radiologist reading all scans, we can diagnose issues quickly and accurately. This means we can begin any necessary treatments quickly as well.

Pet CT Scan

Having a CT machine at our veterinary hospital also saves you time and money, as we do not have to refer to outside specialists for CT scans.

To learn more about the Vimago CT Scanner, request an appointment at Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital online or give us a call at 949-661-6375.